ITS Citrix Active Check Product Overview

   Effectively monitoring a Terminal Server or Citrix environment can be a difficult task. Just ensuring that the servers are up and the appropriate ports are open on your terminal or Citrix servers is not enough. Typical host monitoring solutions fail to report when a network drive or printer is offline or when a critical application is not available . Active Check does this and more by logging into your server(s). That way these and other issues relating to Active Directory, Group Policy, the Terminal Services Licensing Server, the Citrix Licensing server, etc can be detected, thus ensuring the highest possible availability.

   ITS developed Active Check to solve the problem of an incomplete monitoring solution for Terminal and Citrix Servers. Active Check logs into each of your Terminal or Citrix servers and executes a series of commands to test all critical aspects of your environment. If Active Check encounters an error a message is sent to appropriate personnel detailing the problem, allowing your staff to react proactively on the problem as soon as it arises. To learn more, please Click Here for our contact information.