ITS VoIP - Voice over IP Offerings

   Voice over IP (VoIP) has emerged as the platform of choice for telephony. There are tremendous differences in manufacturer's approach to VoIP and consequently their product offerings. ITS offers VoIP solutions from Digium and ShoreTel as well as managed VoIP solutions for customers who want all of the VoIP features and benefits but don't want to purchase a system. Contact ITS today to find out more about Digium, ShoreTel or our managed VoIP offering!

   Why are companies choosing VoIP over traditional PBX systems?

   On the fence about VoIP?

   Many companies want the features of Voice over IP but are afraid that a VoIP system is too difficul to manage, not reliable enough or fear that their network can't support VoIP. The keys to a successful Voice over IP deployment are proper assessment of the envionrment that the system will be installed in and designing a system suited to a company's specific needs.

   What should a reputable VoIP vendor offer?