ITS Network Monitoring Services

   Network monitoring allows us to proactively alert you to issues affecting your network.

   Our servers proactively monitor our clients' networks from our data center location. They alert both our staff and the effected client within minutes of an outage. Often these systems catch an issue after hours and prevent downtime during business hours. This means you won't have a server failure at 9PM on Friday night go undiagnosed until 9AM Monday morning.

   Clients who want the highest level of network monitoring and data gathering can add Cacti hosting to their existing network monitoring package. When properly configured Cacti allows you to monitor bandwidth utilization down to the switchport. This information can be invaluable while tracking down viruses and planning future network capacity.

   If you have a Terminal Server or Citrix Environment you can augment your network monitoring package with Active Check to provide complete monitoring for complex resources required by your core business applications.To learn more, please Click Here for our contact information.